Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training

Training to Perform is Essential to Improvement.

We are as passionate as you are about optimizing your sports performance. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a high-level athlete, our therapists understand the demands that are placed on an athlete’s body. Through movement screening and physical assessment, the expertise of our therapists and coaches can help you unlock your athletic potential, improve your mobility and movement patterns, and keep you improving while competing injury free.

Strength & Endurance Training

Our strength training program begins by focusing on the athlete’s recovery from in season racing and improving their mobility and movement skills. We assess for symmetry and want to ensure we can improve the level of strength balance form one side of the body to the other. We only stroke in the pool with 1 arm at a time, push our pedals 1 leg at a time and land on 1 foot at a time when running. Lack of symmetry will create the need for compensation by one side over the other and eventually lead to injury. The programming continually evolves through the off season taking athletes through the necessary cycles of training to have them stronger, faster, injury free and ready for their spring summer events.

Speed Training

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility

Imperative to optimal performance in ANY sport. Including specific speed and agility training in an athlete’s in and/or off-season training will enhance outcomes and ultimately provide a huge advantage over the competition.

The structured training program conducted by our Certified Speed and Agility coaches is built to enhance:

  • Lateral Acceleration/deceleration
  • Directional and crossover step changes
  • Jumping, hopping, leaping, landing
  • Loading and exploding power

Regardless of court, ice, field or mat, including speed and agility training will reflect to faster, stronger and better performance in sport.

Contact us with questions or to register your athlete or team in our speed and agility programs to complement their training and give them a competitive advantage.

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