Sports Performance Training

Training to perform is essential to improvement.

We are as passionate as you are about optimizing your sports performance. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a high-level athlete, our therapists understand the demands that are placed on an athlete’s body. Through movement screening and physical assessment, the expertise of our therapists and coaches can help you unlock your athletic potential, improve your mobility and movement patterns, and keep you improving while competing injury free.

Strength & Endurance Training

Our strength training program begins by focusing on the athlete’s recovery from in season racing and improving their mobility and movement skills. We assess for symmetry and want to ensure we can improve the level of strength balance form one side of the body to the other. We only stroke in the pool with 1 arm at a time, push our pedals 1 leg at a time and land on 1 foot at a time when running. Lack of symmetry will create the need for compensation by one side over the other and eventually lead to injury. The programming continually evolves through the off season taking athletes through the necessary cycles of training to have them stronger, faster, injury free and ready for their spring summer events.

Speed Training

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility

Imperative to optimal performance in ANY sport. Including specific speed and agility training in an athlete’s in and/or off-season training will enhance outcomes and ultimately provide a huge advantage over the competition.

The structured training program conducted by our Certified Speed and Agility coaches is built to enhance:

  • Lateral Acceleration/deceleration
  • Directional and crossover step changes
  • Jumping, hopping, leaping, landing
  • Loading and exploding power

Regardless of court, ice, field or mat, including speed and agility training will reflect to faster, stronger and better performance in sport.

Contact us with questions or to register your athlete or team in our speed and agility programs to complement their training and give them a competitive advantage.

Individual or Team Multi-Sport Training

Want to take next season to a higher level? Our performance training is the perfect program for any athlete from any sport to improve their athletic abilities.

Our Approach:

Our approach will help lower the risk for overuse injuries that are becoming shockingly prevalent at very young ages now. The increase in these types of injuries comes from an early emphasis on sport specific skills which over trains a narrow scope of specific movements patterns and very likely provides too little stimulus for some major muscle groups and too much stress on smaller muscles.

Strength training in for young athletes provides the foundation for dramatic gains in Muscular Strength during adulthood. This foundation then lends itself to more dramatic development of skill related fitness components including power, speed, balance, coordination, agility, and reaction time.

Our multisport performance training is designed with age appropriate training considerations and develops the athletes safely and effectively. Movement screens are conducted by Propel Sports Physical Therapy on each athlete to help identify individual limitations and prescribe mobility programs to use alongside training, preventing injury and ensuring maximum results from performance training

Our programming will be designed through Three Phases of Training:

General Conditioning Phase: Address mobility problems, movement patterns and strength imbalances and improve work capacity.

Strength and Power Phase: Focus on strength training, properly applied for age and sport, then turn strength gains into power and speed. Athletes will be stronger, more powerful, faster, agile and able to jump higher.

Sport Preparation Phase: the final phase focuses on the specific skills related to your sport, mastering sport specific movements with more power, speed and agility.

No matter the sport, our multi-sport performance training program will result in improved performance on the court/ice/field/stage/ or mat next season!

Individual / Team Training Programs:

  • Performance Testing
  • Movement Assessments
  • Performance Program Development
  • Baseline Concussion Testing
  • Coached weekly sessions with player tracking for program evaluation
  • Recovery and Regeneration Programs provided for team coaches upon request

Please, contact to discuss how we can best assist in your athletic goals.


“PPI is a great place if you’re looking for state of art new equipment and fantastic staff and trainers. Highly recommend this place!”

– Rodney Biggar

“I started doing drop in Threshold classes last winter as a referral from a friend and I never looked back! Threshold pushes my physical limits and I have truly seen a positive difference in not only my physical but also my mental fitness! Dominic is an exceptional trainer; him and the lovely staff at Propel make it easy for me to come back every week! “

– Emma Jean Watson

“It’s a fantastic place to start any fitness goal. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. Dominic is by far the best trainer I have ever had. He pushes you, holds you accountable and takes your fitness journey to the next level. “

– Camae Gunson

“Ranked #4 in top workouts in Edmonton, PPI and Elevate Sports Performance provide quality coaching, form correction functional movement, and are SMAR”

– Tim Adams

“Propel Performance is so different than any regular gym or personal fitness class! You’re not just losing weight or bulking up. You’re gaining functional strength and it helps you feel better in your everyday life. Compared to regular workouts, where you get strong at limited movements, at Propel, you gain the strength to help you with everyday tasks. The programs are so well structured and they’re unique each time. I have tried classes with each of the coaches and they all have a great sense of humour. They always keep an eye out for your form whether you are a pro or just trying to learn.
They are definitely worth trying!”
– Aaron Yee

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