Fitness Challenges/Advanced Programming

Learn to Gym: A Beginner Course

This class was specifically designed for someone who’s brand new to the gym and doesn’t know where to start. We’ll cover all the bases so you know exactly what you’re doing when starting or getting back to your fitness routine.

We want you to get the maximum results from your workouts and most importantly, have fun and enjoy the gym!

We’re going to be teaching the most important and effective movements for getting results including: Squats, Deadlifts, Bench press, Rowing, Overhead, Press, Core work, Conditioning

5 spots per group, 2 groups available (10 total spots)

Transformation Challenge

Our 6 week workout program challenges your fitness level to get you feeling and looking your best! The workouts are designed to make you feel better, stronger, and faster with qualified coaches to ensure your safety and success. See what you can do. Then push it further.

Customized flexible nutrition options are available along with an online support group full of daily motivation, healthy recipes, fitness and nutrition challenges. Feel energized for your workouts and your day, feel better in your clothes, and watch your confidence skyrocket!

Join our supportive, inspiring, and challenging community who are ready to lift you up to the next level and support you every step of the way. Will it be hard work? Yes. Will it be worth it? Hell yes!

Women & Weights

This ladies-only, 6 week workout program is designed to kick-start your successful training journey. Led by our coach, Rachel, you will be introduced to safe and proper training and technique at Propel Performance Institute. Rachel will guide you to properly engage target muscle areas, specifically buns, guns and guts! With the knowledge of HOW to train effectively and minimize possible injury, we will enable you to get a lot more out of your time spent in the gym. Covering the core principles of weight training, you will be led to the strength and mobility results you want to achieve! Women & Weights will run for 1 hour sessions programmed by Rachel, twice a week for 6 weeks.

Our women’s-only sessions provide a safe and comfortable environment for all ability levels.



“PPI is a great place if you’re looking for state of art new equipment and fantastic staff and trainers. Highly recommend this place!”

– Rodney Biggar

“I started doing drop in Threshold classes last winter as a referral from a friend and I never looked back! Threshold pushes my physical limits and I have truly seen a positive difference in not only my physical but also my mental fitness! Dominic is an exceptional trainer; him and the lovely staff at Propel make it easy for me to come back every week! “

– Emma Jean Watson

“It’s a fantastic place to start any fitness goal. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. Dominic is by far the best trainer I have ever had. He pushes you, holds you accountable and takes your fitness journey to the next level. “

– Camae Gunson

“Ranked #4 in top workouts in Edmonton, PPI and Elevate Sports Performance provide quality coaching, form correction functional movement, and are SMAR”

– Tim Adams

“Propel Performance is so different than any regular gym or personal fitness class! You’re not just losing weight or bulking up. You’re gaining functional strength and it helps you feel better in your everyday life. Compared to regular workouts, where you get strong at limited movements, at Propel, you gain the strength to help you with everyday tasks. The programs are so well structured and they’re unique each time. I have tried classes with each of the coaches and they all have a great sense of humour. They always keep an eye out for your form whether you are a pro or just trying to learn.
They are definitely worth trying!”
– Aaron Yee

Propel Performance Institute

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