Spring Transformation Challenge

Are you ready to rock summer?!

Our 6 week workout program challenges your fitness level to get you beach ready! The workouts are designed to make you feel better, stronger, and faster with qualified coaches to ensure your safety and success. See what you can do. Then push it further.

Individualized nutrition opportunities customized by our nutrition coach Ashley Staz are included to determine the best way to eat to meet your goals. Customized flexible nutrition options are available along with an online support group full of daily motivation, healthy recipes, fitness and nutrition challenges. Feel energized for your workouts and your day, feel better in your clothes, and watch your confidence skyrocket!

Join our supportive, inspiring, and challenging community who are ready to lift you up to the next level and support you every step of the way. Will it be hard work? Yes. Will it be worth it? Hell yes!

We have 2 options to get you on your way to the best summer ever:

  • Current Members – nutrition only $200 (+tax) combined with recommended 3 time a week class attendance on current class membership
  • New to Propel – $400 (+tax) for fitness and nutrition challenge. Includes classes (am/pm option) and customized nutrition

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Members Nutrition Challenge

Want to add a whole other element to the time you are putting in at Propel? We are now offering a 6 week nutrition challenge just in time to get you rockin it for summer.

Individualized nutrition opportunities customized by our nutrition coach Ashley Staz are included to determine the best way to eat to meet your goals. Customized flexible nutrition options are available along with an online support group full of daily motivation, healthy recipes, fitness and nutrition challenges. Feel energized for your workouts and your day, feel better in your clothes, and watch your confidence skyrocket!

It is recommended to attend at least 2-3 classes a week to assist in your goals! Sign up and start to share your experience with other like-minded committed members!

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Off-Season Hockey Programs

Next seasons successes start this offseason. Put in the time to develop the athletic skill, strength, speed and power necessary to be an influence on the ice.

Carefully designed training programs individually tailored to the athlete’s current abilities and future goals. These programs are run by Certified Strength and Conditioning coaches with the expertise to take the athlete to the next level.
Programs are phased over time to specifically develop the athlete most effectively. Each individual athlete is assessed by a corrective exercise specialist to determine current movement ability to address any potential problems and improve effectiveness of the program for each athlete.

General Conditioning and Movement Prep Phase: Building stamina and base strength to handle the demands of higher level training. Proper movement patterns, quality and capacity are the focus.

Strength and Muscle Gain Phase: Weight training is primarily used to improve strength in all related movements. Athletes learn to use the strength in applied ways for hockey, as well as progressed safely for age and ability.

Speed and Power Phase: Now that the athlete is moving efficiently, conditioned and has built strength accordingly, the next phase is to translate those gains into speed and power. This is where the hard work pays off just in time for next season to begin.


13 week program – 4 days a week (M/Tue/Thu/Fri)
Early bird registration – $2000 before April 30
Monthly pay option available – $800/month due on the first ($2400 total)

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Multi Sport Performance Training

Want to take next season to a higher level? Our performance training is the perfect program for any athlete from any sport to improve their athletic abilities.

We have divided our Multi- Sport Performance Programs into 2 categories dependent on age. 12-15years old & 16-19years old. This allows the structure to take into special age appropriate training considerations and develop the athlete safely and effectively.

With all our Performance training we utilize movement screens performed by Propel Sports Physical Therapy, which help identify individual athlete limitations and prescribe appropriate mobility programs for them to use in addition with training to prevent injury and ensure maximum results from the training. Having a body that moves efficiently will translate to improved ability to handle the capacity of performance training.

Our program is created specifically to develop the athlete’s physical capacity, strength, speed, agility and power. These aspects of performance translate to improved in sport performance for the upcoming season. Each phase of training is based on scientific research to accommodate the demands of physical sports and include:

General conditioning phase – the goal is fixing any mobility problems, movement patterns, strength imbalances as well as improving work capacity. This phase gets athletes ready for high intensity high volume training cycles

Strength and Power phase – This phase consist of two cycles. The first will focus on strength properly applied for age and sport. The goal of the second cycle is turning the strength gained into power and speed. At the end of this phase the athletes will be stronger, more powerful, faster, more agile and jump higher.

Peaking phase – This cycle is all about your sport. The goal is transferring all the strength and power gains into your sport specific skills. Athletes will master sport specific movements through decreased volume training but increased intensity all geared to peak for pre season testing and tryouts.

No matter what sport your athlete plays, our multi-sport performance training program will result in improved performance on the court/ice/field/stage/ or mat next season!

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 Speed Training

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility

Imperative to optimal performance in ANY sport. Including specific speed and agility training in an athlete’s in and/or off-season training will enhance outcomes and ultimately provide a huge advantage over the competition.

The structured training program conducted by our Certified Speed and Agility coaches is built to enhance:

  • Linear Acceleration/deceleration
  • Lateral Acceleration/deceleration
  • Directional and crossover step changes
  • Jumping, hopping, leaping, landing
  • Loading and exploding power

Regardless of court, ice, field or mat, including speed and agility training will reflect to faster, stronger and better performance in sport.

Contact us with questions or to register your athlete or team in our speed and agility programs to complement their training and give them a competitive advantage.

One-On-One Coaching/Personal Training

Our mission is to educate, empower and provide a system of accountability and structure for those who are looking to improve performance through their movement, health, strength and conditioning. Our approach is to focus on reclaiming optimal movement patterns, then safely strengthening those movement patterns. Our strength and conditioning programs are sport specific. They are designed to help you perform at the highest level, minimize injury, and maximize your time on the field or competition floor.

Time Price
Single Session: $100
1 x weekly: $260/month
2 x weekly: $480/month
3 x weekly: $660/month
4 x weekly: $880/month
10 session pass: $750/month
20 session pass: $1400/month
30 session pass: $1950/month

Olympic Lifting

Our Olympic weightlifting program consists of 3 different levels: Level I, Level II and Club. Everyone who starts the program has to go through Level I and II regardless of experience and age. After finishing the first two levels, you will be advanced to the club level. The advantage of this level is you can come in and perform your own individualized program during our designated open ours. (Specific to members of this program). There will be a coach available for you to answer your questions. Every 2 months, we will arrange mock meets to show off your skills and strength that you have been working for.

Olympic Level I
4 week-3x/week Max. 5 people $360
Olympic Level II
4 week-3x/week Max: 5 people $360
Club Level
Duration: 90 min max. $220

Sports Performance

Training to perform is essential to improvement.

We are as passionate as you are about optimizing your sports performance. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a high-level athlete, our therapists understand the demands that are placed on an athlete’s body. Through movement screening and physical assessment, the expertise of our therapists and coaches can help you unlock your athletic potential, improve your mobility and movement patterns, and keep you improving while competing injury free.

Group Classes

Threshold Class

This 1 hour class will focus on fundamentals of training and proper activation. The 60 minute class will cover functional principles of strength and conditioning and prepare you for daily activities, athletic events and support healthy lifestyle. Small class sizes allow you to learn detailed training techniques safely and effectively, regardless of fitness level of experience

Drop in class: $20
Unlimited pass: $210/month
10 Class pass: $150
5 Class pass: $90

Beyond Threshold

This class covers the most basic movements such as bodyweight squats, push-ups to the most advanced and technical lifts such as snatch, and clean & jerk. We will also use different methods of cardiovascular conditioning to keep the intensity high.

Threshold class and Beyond Threshold class have entirely different programming

Threshold Olympic Weightlifting

This class is for any level of lifters. The purpose of the class is proper positioning and movement to help you be safer and more efficient with your Olympic lifts. In this class, you will be exposed to variations of drills to help you improve your numbers.

*same pricing as the threshold class

Vintage Class

This Vintage class will focus on proper movements and activation, strength, balance and coordination to assist with day to day living and activities.  This will be a good tempo class that will include a lot of teaching to improve mechanics of the body, reducing injury and making you more efficient.

Drop in class: $20
Unlimited pass: $210/month
10 Class pass: $150
5 Class pass: $90

SISU Sundays

SISU is a Finnish Concept and cultural construct that is described through a combination of various English terms including stoic determination, grit, bravery, resilience, hardiness and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character.  It is generally considered to not have a literal equivalent in English.

The SISU workout is about building those fundamentals to allow you to become not only physically more capable, but mentally stronger to accomplish any set goals.  These workouts are designed to build you and will be continuously guided and supervised.



Pre/Post Natal Fitness

Being a Mom is special….. But being a mom is also one of the toughest roles we will ever experience. Our bodies have been stretched, weighed down and completely morphed from the physique we’ve known our entire lives. Its normal for moms to experience a gamut of emotions over our new bodies and responsibilities. We feel like we must get “our bodies back” and start back into a fitness routine too early, or, begin activities that put too much stress on our pelvic floor, core and overall body. We have been there, and know first hand what it feels like to push past that point of healthy or safe, just to get back into my pre-baby jeans. Exercising without the proper knowledge and information, can lead to issues such as:

  • Further damage to an existing diastasis recti (a gap in the abdominals caused by stretching/thinning of the connective tissue)
  • urinary/fecal incontinence (which is common but not normal)
  • back pain
  • pain during intercourse
  • pelvic organ prolapse

This six week program just for YOU, that will leave you feeling empowered and strong in your body, regardless of the stage of life you’re currently in. Focus on pelvic floor health, core integrity and avoiding injury will be delivered in fun and challenging workouts. Everything you need to bridge the gap between your pelvic health physio and the gym will be provided!

Pregnant? I’ll guide you and other expecting mommas through six weeks of safe and fun workouts that are scalable depending on your stage of pregnancy and fitness level.

6wks to 24 months postpartum? Focus will be on healing and strengthening your body. Taking into account your likely lack of sleep, hormones and desire to reclaim your confidence. All workouts will be scalable.

Are your babies 2 years or older? Doesn’t matter how old your kids are, there is support for you to feel strong and reach your goals. If things like incontinence or diastasis are still making you uncomfortable, this class will help you discover strategies to over come postnatal symptoms.

6 week program 2 x weekly: $360
6 week program 1 x weekly: $180

Learn to Gym: A Beginner Course

This class was specifically designed for someone who’s brand new to the gym and doesn’t know where to start. We’ll cover all the bases so you know exactly what you’re doing.

We want you to get the maximum results from your workouts and most importantly, have fun and enjoy the gym!

We’re going to be teaching the most important and effective movements for getting results including:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench press
  • Rowing
  • Overhead Press
  • Core work
  • Conditioning

5 spots per group, 2 groups available (10 total spots)

$240+tax/6 sessions/2 x per week

Saturdays: 10 and 11pm

Wednesdays: 6 & 7pm

Golf Instructional Coaching (PGA/TPI)

Getting more distance and accuracy is always the goal. Creating lifelong love and ability for the game is our passion. Our in-house CPGA/TPI certified golf professionals are constantly looking for ways to help you improve your game. Working to make your swing match your physical capabilities has been proven to create consistent success. With teamwork between our performance fitness coaches and golf coaches, we provide a comprehensive approach to improving all aspects of an athlete’s swing.

Short Game Facility/Golf Bays

Beginning with a physical screen to assess the athlete’s movement ability, then an individualized program to address limitations to improve power and strength with combined golf instruction to result in an improved overall performance. Our facility has a 900 square foot putting green, 4 full swing hitting bays, and a golf simulator. Our golf coaches also have access to the latest technology including trackman and k-vest to identify swing inefficiencies and also quantify improvement.




“PPI is a great place if you’re looking for state of art new equipment and fantastic staff and trainers. Highly recommend this place!”

– Rodney Biggar

“Danny is very knowledgeable trainer and his classes are always great!”

– Kailey W.

“If you have been watching my stories at all, you might have noticed I have been spending a lot of time at Propel Performance Institute training with Elevate Sports Performance and receiving treatment with Kayla Clarke and Laurie Plouffe at Propel Sports Physical Therapy. I am so grateful my friend took me to my first class. Not only do I get a killer workout but I also feel confident in my form and execution because they really take the time to break it down for me when teaching new techniques. I have trained with athletes, professionals, moms, and people of all ages and abilities there. On a more personal note, they really do care about their clients and have truly gone the extra mile, when I was down they helped me up. PS- this is not a paid ad, just a very pleased and thankful client sharing.”

– Danielle Murray

“Ranked #4 in top workouts in Edmonton, PPI and Elevate Sports Performance provide quality coaching, form correction functional movement, and are SMAR”

– Tim Adams

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