One-On-One Coaching/Personal Training

One-On-One Coaching/Personal Training

Fully Customized Training Programs

Our mission is to educate, empower and provide a system of accountability and structure for those who are looking to improve performance through their movement, health, strength and conditioning. Our approach is to focus on reclaiming optimal movement patterns, then safely strengthening those movement patterns. Our strength and conditioning programs are sport specific. They are designed to help you perform at the highest level, minimize injury, and maximize your time on the field or competition floor.

# Sessions Price
1 1 session $100/hr
2 6 sessions $85/hr
3 10 sessions $80/hr
4 12 sessions $75/hr
5 20 sessions $70/hr

Monthly One-on-One Packages

# Weeks Price
1 1 week $300/month
2 2 week $560/month
3 3 week $780/month
4 4 week $1080

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Training Programs

Our unique approach to training makes getting stronger and fitter easier than ever before. We offer a variety of different classes, courses and training focuses to help you reach your goals fast.