Karl Gellert

Personal Trainer

Karl Gellert

Performance Coach

Growing up Karl played basketball, wanting to be in better shape, as well as stronger and faster, he started lifting in his teens. Karl has been fascinated with lifting weights for the majority of his adult life.  He later discovered the work of Joe Defranco, which was his first proper introduction into strength and conditioning. He was instantly hooked, reading and watching anything he could get his hands on.

Karl completed his Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion at St. Lawrence College as well as obtained his:

  • CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) from CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology)

He loves helping people who were in the same position as him, especially working on strength and training foundations for beginners and younger athletes.  He is also extremely passionate about helping the general population, especially those in particular who may be past their “athletic” prime, but still want to be as strong, mobile and injury-free as possible.

In the years he’s been training, Karl has been extremely fortunate to have worked with a large variety of clients, ranging from football, hockey and basketball players, beginners, middle age men and women as well as the aging population. Regardless of your experience, if your goal is to get stronger, healthier and improve your performance, Karl is constantly learning and improving on techniques to get you to your goal.


  • Fitness Consultation
  • Professionals
  • Full Cardio
  • Conditioning
  • Sports
  • Consultation
  • Tandem Coaching
  • Endurance Sports
  • Group Classes
  • Youth Classes
  • Fitness Consultation


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