Hockey Programs

Hockey Programs

Elite Off Season Hockey Strength Training

At Propel our off-season conditioning programs are designed to develop athletes, and in doing so, build a well-balanced, athletically “gifted” injury free hockey player. Our Off-Season Hockey Strength and Conditioning Programs are not weightlifting, powerlifting, or bodybuilding! It is a planned and methodical means of training designed for the needs of today’s hockey player, SPEED, POWER, and AGILITY in order to move and keep up to a stronger and faster game.

Our Objective:

Our objective is to increase movement quality, coordination, symmetry, strength, power and agility. This is an important foundation to build in order to decrease injury and maximize their sport performance level in both the short and long term.

Our approach will help lower the risk for overuse injuries that are becoming shockingly prevalent in young players now. The increase in these types of injuries comes from an early emphasis on sport specific skills which over trains a narrow scope of specific movements patterns and very likely provides too little stimulus for some major muscle groups and too much stress on smaller muscles.

Strength training provides the foundation for dramatic gains in Muscular Strength. This foundation then lends itself to more dramatic development of skill related fitness components including power, speed, balance, coordination, agility, and reaction time.

Program Step-by-Step Goals:

  • Improve Range of Motion necessary for increasing movement quality and coordination.
  • Increase Static and Dynamic Mobility and Stability
  • Increase Dynamic Strength and Power
  • Increase Rate of Force Development (power – the critical component of speed) through properly progressed power and plyometric training.
  • Increase metabolic conditioning or duration in which the player can perform a high level of work.


  • Players will complete pre, mid and post movement and performance assessments. Assessment reports with summaries will be provided to the players.
  • Four 90 minute Coached Training Sessions Per Week
  • Take Home Mobility Training Programs
  • Training Programs for Vacation
  • Supplementary Weekend Yoga or Cardio Training Classes at Propel
  • 1 Nutrition Seminar per Month
  •  1 Injury Prevention Seminar from Propel Sports Physical Therapy
  • 1 Recovery Session per Week
  • Dates of Training:
    • May-August  (M-T-W-Th)
    • 16 Weeks for $1920
  • Early Bird Pricing – 10 % Off
    End April 1st, 2019

For more information on our Hockey Programs please contact:
Kevin Masters

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