Golf Performance

Golf Performance

Swing Faster, Hit Straighter

We are passionate about giving you all the tools you need to enjoy golf more, shoot better scores, and feel better during and after your round. Our team has a unique approach guided by our certifications through the Titleist Performance Institute (among others) in which our professionals in golf, fitness and rehabilitation work together to provide a comprehensive approach to getting you to deliver your best golf game.

A full body physical movement screen will determine strengths and weaknesses in the way your move. You’ll be provided with an individualized plan to help you move more efficiently and prevent injury, therefore swing better. Our golf fitness professionals are keen on helping improve your body’s capacity to handle the game of golf by using individualized testing and a carefully prescribed fitness protocol to take advantage of your potential on the golf course.

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Our Facility is the only one of its kind in western Canada, including everything you need to improve your golf game

  • State of the art swing analysis technology
  • Indoor golf area for both long shots and short game
  • Extensive fitness facility with all the space and equipment necessary for our coaches to specialize in your golf fitness program.
  • Full-service physical therapy and massage clinic to address any physical pain or chronic issues you might have associated with your golf game, as well as multiple recovery modalities to ensure your best performance after every day. All this under one roof.

Upcoming Programs

Pre-Season Golf Performance

Golf Season is just around the corner, and we want to help you hit the links ready for the best season of your life. Our carefully structured 6 week program will make sure you are hitting longer and more accurately by making sure your body is moving and working more efficiently in order to create optimal rotation and power required for the golf swing.

Our TPI certified team will work together to combine a golf specific movement screen (this allows us to see what limitations your body may have) give you an individualized mobility program to work with on your time, 12 carefully structured golf performance classes focusing on core strength, rotation and power in a group limited to 8 participants, and a 3D golf swing analysis.

Our purpose is to make you a better golfer by improving the way you move and swing a club. This will ensure longer more accurate shots and less injury keeping you from playing the sport you love.

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