Corporate Performance

Corporate Performance

Better Health Makes a Better Team

What is Corporate Performance?

Propel’s Corporate Performance takes the concepts of excellence in human performance and uses them to gain an advantage in the corporate setting. At Propel we are in the relentless pursuit of excellence in human performance, and feel the way you perform at work should be addressed no differently than the way you perform in the gym or in sport. We want to help you deliver the best version of yourself in whatever you do.

Many of the concepts that we use have a direct benefit to your overall daily performance. Especially since you spend a good portion of your day at work, it makes sense to ensure you are bringing your best. Bringing your work team to experience the benefits Propel has to offer will result in more focused and productive work afterward.

What is the corporate performance experience?

It is a full-day experience where your team gets exclusive access to our facility for planning, goal setting or meetings in our multi-purpose room, paired with performance training just for your team specifically designed to encourage endorphin flow, BDNF release (brain derived neurotropic factor, an essential protein released during exercise that enhances mental performance throughout the day) and team bonding. We nourish you with lunch designed to facilitate physical well-being as well as encourage mental clarity for addressing more of your specific work demands. Not only do we offer physical activity and healthy treats, but we also have golf instruction and practice in our exclusive indoor golf training facility. Thought leaders and experts in the fields of mindfulness, performance, and well-being will deliver sessions integrated with your team’s unique needs for the day to ensure a great experience.

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