The Off Season

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What the heck does that mean? And why is it important?

hockey off seasonGiven that we live in Edmonton – we are a 4 season city! (Let’s not kid ourselves, more of a 2 season city [summer and winter], but you get the point!)

Generally speaking, a lot of sports revolve around these seasons. For example – hockey tends to have a small off season in the summer, and soccer tends to have a small off season in the winter (I’m sure you can think of a zillion more examples here)

When one first thinks of ‘off season training’ – you make think it would be doing a ton of sport specific drills, getting all jacked up for the upcoming season, or maybe even doing gruelling workouts to get yourself prepped for the upcoming season.

(well, except for making you better in the upcoming season)

After a long season – athletes often need a period of physical and mental rest from the SPECIFICS of the sport. This serves both as a quick recovery period, and NO ONE wants a young athlete to burnout from playing the sport year-round with zero break.

Which leads us into the nitty-gritty of what off season training consists of, and why it will help any athlete of all levels.

Medicine Ball Off Season

Develop a Strong Foundation

Any sport really involves a lot of skill. Think: slapshot, pitching, backflips, corner kicks, serving, really ANY sport involves an element of high developed skill. It is SO easy to get wrapped in refining these techniques, that athletes stray away from the foundation. Think aerobic/anaerobic condition (so at the end of the game you can still keep trucking), core stability, and solid strength training with a focus on movement patterns (hinging, squatting, pushing, pulling). The stronger your foundation, the easier it is to ENHANCE those sport-specific skills.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

The better you move, the stronger your foundation, you DECREASE your risk of injury during those crucial times in the season. Sure, we can’t guarantee that a linebacker will come and dropkick you or there is some sort of bad hit or wipeout – BUT because you out the time and effort in, your body will heal quicker. Your body will be way more capable of handling the load and volume of your sport. During the off season, programming is strategic to deload directly after the season (because you may be a bit beat up and maybe even healing from a sustained injury), and ramping you back up to get set for the upcoming season – healthy and ready to go.

See Big Improvements that will Enhance Performance

During the season, a lot of stress is often places on one area of a body (constantly throwing a ball on one side, or shooting, or jumping/twisting, etc). In the offseason, the strengthening and conditioning as mentioned above, will help to not only offload some of those super-worked areas, but balance them all out – and allow the athletes to in turn access this new strength, and be BETTER when performing their sport specific drills.

Get Excited and Focus!

This is especially true for younger athletes (but it can be applied to anyone!). Doing the same workout regimes, playing the sport, running the same drills, can all lead to burnout and a loss in interest. During the offseason, it’s a time to refocus, train in a new way, and get pumped up for what’s to come!

Rack Push Off Season

Why Choose to do your off season training Propel?

SIMPLE. We know that every person that walks through the door is unique (cliché as that sounds). Different background, different sport, different age, different goals. Every person gets a movement assessment to understand / obtain a baseline of the athletes current movement patterns – to help establish areas of improvement, and areas of strength, and ensure that is part of your program.. Our awesome facility, knowledgeable and awesome coaches, and passion to help YOU be the best will help you accel next season. Plus, the coaches work alongside of physiotherapists to help manage/resolve previous injuries from last season, and make sure they don’t creep up on you again.

Don’t let this off season slip away from you – come get in gear with us today.

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