Injury Prevention & Dealing With Injuries

Posted on: February 25th, 2018 by Kayla Nguyen No Comments

This is post three in our injury prevention series written by Kayla Nguyen!

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You’ve made it this far! Clearly, you’re now REALLY into this mobility stuff!

SO .. even though you’ve been following all of these mobility rules ‘perfectly’, and you feel yourself starting to make some improvements – you still got injured.

Speaking from experience on this one, injuries really suck. Sometimes they can happen even when you feel like you’re doing everything in your control. There are SO many factors that can lead to an injury – ranging from: fatigue levels (sleep/ nutrition), poor form/mobility, lack of environmental awareness, NEW environments, repeated work stress, previous injuries, inadequate strength, accidents – the list can go on and on.

As the Open approaches, there tends to be an increase in workout intensity, people tend to get excited, and sometimes injuries can happen (and hey – if you don’t crossfit, this can apply to any ramp up in fitness or spot activity!)

Aside from doing some daily mobility work on the areas of your body that you KNOW may be your personal weak spots……


Here are a few tips:

NUMBER ONE: Make sure you do a PROPER warm up.

– A proper warm up is not jogging or cycling for 5 minutes

– Make sure you move all your joints, get your heart rate up, and PERFORM some of the movements that are in your work out in your actual warm up!

– This allows you to prime your system, and make sure the movements are feeling good

Pro Tip:

IF THEY DON’T FEEL GOOD, maybe change your workout or don’t lift heavy AF


This may sound like the most basic advice, but your body NEEDS recovery. It’s super necessary if you want to make any progress, kick your workout’s ass, feel good, and MAKE GAINZ.

Fact: when you sleep and de-load, THAT’S when your muscle repairs

Jump back into something too quick – BAM. Injury.


If you go into a workout not eaten well earlier in the day, or the day before (consistently), or you may not have eaten enough, or hydrated enough .. your body is not going to happy!

You’ll notice that you may fail weights you normally don’t, or push too hard when your body can’t handle the load.

Easy Peasy, Right?

Okay but Kayla I was lifting like a weiner and now I’m injured. What do I do?

But more importantly .. Here are a few tips on what to do if you DO sustain an injury:


If you hurt yourself in the gym, it’s more than likely not a life-threatening injury (thank goodness).

While some injuries can be more serious / complicated than others, know that you WILL and you CAN bounce back from this

You will NOT ‘lose all your gains’. I PROMISE. Your body is strong and resilient. While you may notice some small differences when you get back (ie – your deadlift went down a few pounds), you will come back more quickly than what you think!!

Sometimes, Injury is a Gift

Now you think I’m crazy, but it’s true.

Take this time to stop and reflect.

Look at areas that you can improve on while you may take a few weeks off of certain movements while your body heals.

It’s a great time to work on mobility, some accessory work, mastering some bodyweight drills, or maybe getting in some cardio (…gross).

Get Some Help!

There are many injuries that can be self managed. But if you find that one is lingering around, or you want some advice, education, and hands on help – go see a professional for an assessment who will help you make a rehabilitation plan so you get you back to crushing your goals in no time!

Now .. go crush it!

If you guys enjoyed some of these tips, or have ANY questions regarding movements, mobility, or maybe you have a question about an injury; please don’t hesitate to reach out!


(This post was originally published on the Staz Fitness site here.)

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