How to “Survive” the Holidays

Posted on: December 22nd, 2017 by Karl Gellert No Comments

I love Christmas. The lights, the songs, the cheer and now thanks to our future overlords at Disney, Star Wars – the whole thing is fantastic. Stressful, in a good way, but fantastic.

It’s exactly one week (scratch that) two days until Christmas today, if you’re reading this on Friday (if not, what are you doing with your life?). I’m sure most of you are in the the thick of it now – parties, get-togethers, celebrations, frantically trying to finish your shopping even though every year you say you’ll have it done by December 1st (I have never once accomplished this) and repeated A Charlie Brown Christmas watchings (GOAT).

The last week or two my Instagram feed has blown up with all of these “surviving the holiday” posts and in my glorious vanity, I had just had to chime in

My thoughts in a nutshell? The idea of “surviving the holidays” is just a tad ridiculous.

Fitness is great – I honestly,truly believe that it makes you a better human. You look better (subjectively speaking), you feel better, you’re stronger, physically and maybe even mentally (not me).

I like to place extra emphasis on that “mentally” part, because if you’re frantically clinging to the idea of “dieting” or “eating clean” during the holidays, in my eyes you’re kind of missing the point.

Fitness is there to help you enjoy life. Not take away from it. Let go of your feelings, Luke. A few meals aren’t going to make you “fat”.

You can still eat your protein (turkey) and carbs (Skittles), but unless you are preparing for some kind of physique contest or photoshoot for some reason, there’s really no reason to abstain.

Drumroll please! Karl’s Tips for “holiday survival”

  1. Try your best to eat your normal food. And then, when you’re in a situation where there’s tons of other great food, eat that too. As much as you would like. No guilt, no worries. Trust me, I track all of my calories and macros for the rest of the year. This week and next are being loosened up a bit because it’s Christmas
  2. I said eat as much as you want, but don’t take this to extremes. 5 of those turtle chocolates is fine, the whole box probably isn’t. One year I literally ate until I hurt. Lesson learned. Extremes don’t work the one way, they won’t work the other.
  3. Take care of business the rest of the year! If you’ve been sticking to your workout program the rest of the year, you’ve built up the “savings”, if you will, to indulge a little. It’s fine. Think macro, not micro. A few days of lousy eating will have almost zero effect in the long run.
  4. You live (I’m assuming) in the first world. Having too much food, getting presents, spending time with loved ones, building Lego and watching star wars (again, might just be me) are good things. Christmas is fun. To quote one of my most hated but begrudgingly respected quarterbacks.
  5. Bonus Tip! Go see The Last Jedi so we can talk about it. Tis the season!

Have an awesome Christmas, a great New Years and a crazy Kwanzaa. If you got some free time on your hands and want to get in a killer workout and not because you feel guilty, come on in for a session! Our Threshold classes are still running and we’re still giving you the good stuff

Come talk to me, use the code KARL10 and I’ll give you a free piece of priceless wisdom. For 10 dollars. Plus tax. Buy one, get one. Who am I kidding, it’ll just be a Star Wars quote and I’ll probably have to pay Disney royalties. A grave mistake, I have made.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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